Medical Cosmetology

Model KL-R CO2 Fractional Laser Therapy Instrument (30W)

basic information
Release time:


Under fractional mode

♦ remove tiny wrinkles, improve deeper forehead wrinkles and stretch marks

♦ remove acne and scar, especially for the acne scar, postoperative scar, frostbite scar

♦ improve chloasma, treat skin superficial pigment diseases such as freckles, coffee spot, age pigment

♦ improve light ageing skin and rough pores, thickening dermis

♦ tightening vagina and treat uracratia disease

Under ultra pulse mode

incise and vaporize skin vegetations such as warts, nevus, seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous adenoma, syringomas, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Laser wavelength: 10.6µm

Output energy (power): 2.5-160mJ (Fractional mode), 0.3-18W (ultra pulse mode), 0.1-30W (continuous wave)

Max. single scanning area: 20×20mm2

Min. spot size: ≤0.1mm

Min. pulse width: 0.1ms

Configurations: Imported 30W RF tube

Shape, Size, Depth and Density are Adjustable

Different Handpiece with Two Focal Lengths f=50mm and f=100mm

Optional Vaginal Handpiece and Nail Fungus Handpiece

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